Cool Cats please choose your pieces carefully before purchasing. If you are unsure of a piece, please send a chat or email to help@mewmewspieces.com so that Mewmew can help you.  

Please be mindful that all pieces on Mewmew's Pieces are pre-loved and in used condition.  Therefore, there will be wear and tear. 


Please pay close attention to "Description" and "Faults" under each piece.



Please be advised Cool Cats that your email address will purely be used to send you newsletters and any upcoming events or sales that Mewmew may have so that you do not miss out!


Should you not want to be included in newsletters, please advise us so that we can remove your email address.



Mewmew offers the following payment options:-

  • Laybuy

  • Paypal

  • Credit Card

  • Payment Plan

  • EFT Transfer payment

  • Payment Plan (directly with Mewmew's Pieces)**

** Please send Mewmew a quick email on help@mewewspieces.com and Mewmew can arrange something with you.