Toasty Fingers

The year 2008, the search was for a black pair of leather gloves for work. Apparently, it was going to be an extra cold Winter that year, so gloves was a must have for the season.

Shopping for a Mother’s Day bag for my Mum I saw these super awesome Oroton gloves! Beige leather exterior with 100% silk lining with the super cool ruched side, soooooo nice! I remember saying to the shop assistant, “my fingers will be nice and toasty this Winter!”

Walked out of Oroton with the gloves and forgot Mum’s Mother’s Day gift, so I had to go back and get her bag. I soon realised that it wasn’t going to be that cold of a winter, and I must admit, the gloves proved to be a impractical, every time I had to use my touch screen phone, I had to remove it! My fingers didn’t end up being toasty at all, in fact they were cold most of times having to remove the gloves and put on!

I have had these beautiful gloves for over 10 years and I probably wore it at most five times! It just looked nice on display in my closet room.

So, it came as no surprise that it ended up on Mewmew’s pile to be sold.

I am thrilled to advise that a lovely lady purchased it because it matched her bag (lol) and like me, she too loved the details on the glove.

When I did send them out, I did write a note saying “hope these gloves keep your fingers toasty this Winter”

Another piece off to a new home who will get some love from a fellow Oroton lover.

With love


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