To Bid With Love

The year 2010, I would say I was still newly married (hehe). At the time, I was quite involved with animal rescue (and still am) and attending a lot of animal rescue fundraisers.

Someone had sent me an email advertising a rescue auction taking place and that all bids were to go towards various animal rescue in NSW. The point was, for me to forward the email onto potential bidders.

Instead, I had a sneaky look at what was on for auction, and absolutely loved this Oroton Vintage handbag (I believe it was one of Oroton’s earlier releases). Leather interior and leather exterior, even had the original tag with information about Oroton, it was super nice!

Excited, I put in a bid and then proceeded to forward the email. The auction was not for another week, so I waited for the big day. However, I got a notification advising that there was a higher bidder (I’m not going to lie, I was excited because it meant more funds was being donated!) however, the competitor part of me did not want to lose, so I shot back with a new bid. This went on a few more times, before I got it!

Needless to say, a hefty donation was made to an animal rescue, and I got a nifty Oroton handbag that sat in my closet for several years “winning”.

This lovely leather bag has now been sold to a lovely Mumma who has been looking for a vintage Oroton leather handbag, with an extra long strap, that she can wear and feel like a Cool Cat running after her toddler as well as use it for her paperwork to and from work!

It is always nice to sell our pieces to Cool Cats who appreciate it, it makes selling so much more enjoyable.

With love


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