Tiffany With Love

Many moons ago (it does feel like many moons ago).

My husband and I made the decision to try for a child so that we did not regret it later in life. We dived into it with all we had, heart and soul, physically and emotionally.

Giving an opportunity for science, herbal, and the occasional fertility witch dance.

However, our life was already mapped out. We both knew, that "if it was meant to be, it was meant to be", and sure enough, it was not meant to be.

This necklace was purchased as a gift to me, from me, and promising myself to live the remainder of my life with no regrets.

I won’t lie, I did re-consider not selling it, but Mewmew insisted that it was a positive transition in my life and that I should hold onto memories and let go of the material attachment.

So, when a lovely lady reached out to purchase it for her sweet daughter, I was ecstatic and thankful.

I do hope the necklace brings peace and love always to its new owner.

With love

Mewmew and her Mumma

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