Sassy See-Through

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

An impulse purchase…

“I'll wear it "one day” I kept saying to myself (obviously to justify the impulse purchase).

That one day, finally came and I am glad to report that I did indeed wear it…ONCE…the one event that I wore it to, was a Boxing Day Birthday lunch back in 2013. Since then, this piece has been hanging in my closet, for the last seven years collecting dust, waiting patiently to be worn again.

While Sydneysiders were rushing around finding bargains on Boxing Day sales in 2013, I donned this simple piece to go into town for a birthday lunch.

Looking at the photos of that day, I remember it being humid (evident on photos capturing my frizzy roots (anyone who straightens their hair knows exactly what I am talking about!)). I remember my husband driving us into town, I also remember battling with excited shoppers for a spot on the footpath. I do recall being quite ill on the day as well, but pushing through and making an effort to go.

I giggle as I recall how I quickly regretted wearing this piece the moment I left home, as I remember realising that this beauty of a piece was in fact see through! I should have worn more than a camisole under this pretty piece. I did spend a considerable portion of the event using my hair to cover my chest area (to prevent any indecent exposure!).

One photo in particular, is of my sister and I seated, and our brother’s standing behind us, the photo is quite nice. I do recall just moments before, we were in giggles at my brother’s straight hair, when someone said “smile” and we automatically looked across the table to the camera and with the most “natural” look and smiled.

A time, a moment captured in a still frame forever.

Looking at the photo does bring back fond and happy memories before we had to be adults! Perhaps this simple Sass & Bide piece is reminding me that you can be sassy, but once in a while, it is good to stop, breathe, appreciate and see through each day...

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