Re-affirmation Dress


The year, in history, as the most tumultuous year in my married life.

“If we last 5 years, we are going to renew our vows” I whispered to my husband.


Two years into marriage, our home was robbed. Jewelry stolen.

Though neither of us even noticed, until several days later.

Mewmew was the only fur-child at the time, and our number one house rule was (and still is) the “front and back door MUST be closed AT ALL TIMES” (this prevents Mewmew getting out).

So, for this reason, we did not know we were robbed, because the intruder kindly closed the doors after them, and Mewmew was inside the house safe.

It was not until I was looking for my wedding rings, that I discovered that we were robbed. I was quite angry because my ring was a gift from my parents and had sentimental value.

After filing a Police report, I did sulk.

That same year, Mum gifted me a black pearl that she picked, back in her early 20’s in Hawai'i. I gladly accepted and had it fitted as my new wedding ring! However, I could not wear it yet until the ring was “blessed”. Considering getting married was a tumultuous affair, I did not wear it BUT announced that I would get it blessed for my 5-year anniversary and renewal of vows.

The ring sat in my jewellery box for another 3 years.


On a warm Summer Saturday in November, an intimate ceremony was held, attendee’s being my only sister and two brothers and my husband’s brother. We re-affirmed our vows, my ring blessed by the Reverend and witnessed by our close and dear.

The outfit consisted of this beautiful Lilac Shilla The Label dress accompanied by white heels.

I did attempt to wear this dress again for another occasion but did not fit! Either I had grown taller or gone wider.


Mewmew puts Renewal Dress on the pile to sell, the dress even made the photoshoot to go online! However, a change of mind quickly saw this dress back in my closet.

I could not, because even though it does not fit anymore, it holds great sentimental value to me because my husband and I survived our first 5 years, would have thought?! Our great love story...

A few years ago, we did renew our vows for our 10-year anniversary surrounded by our close and dear...our love story continues...

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