Perfect Shade of Grey

Let me go back to June 2010

Six months earlier my sister had advised the colour theme for her Graduation Party. She was quite specific on the “perfect shade of grey” colour. Surely, I would find something!

One month prior to the ceremony, amidst the excitement and chaos of organising this enormous graduation. I, had not found that perfect shade of grey dress to wear!

A week before the big day, my husband was ready with his charcoal suit and that perfect shade of grey shirt. I on the other hand, had a grey hair tie!

Three days before the big day, I walked by the Charlie Brown Boutique, when a glitter & fur jacket caught my attention. As I walked in, here in front of me was the perfect shade of grey! Ecstatic I asked for my size…they only had 2 sizes up and 2 sizes down! Head in my hands, I said “I’ll take the two size up, it’ll be a nice lose fit”.

The day of the great celebration, I pull out the perfect shade of grey dress. To my shock, it was EXTRA huge on me! I had no chest to fill the front, and no hips to hold up the dress! With no time to spare, I tied the belt tightly to prevent any wardrobe malfunction! braided my hair, and with only a few seconds to spare I did a 360 twirl and was amazed at how great I looked in this perfect shade of grey dress!

1.5 hours into the celebration and only one measly photo with the perfect shade of grey dress! I ended up at the hospital. I am, however, pleased to advise that I was the best dressed at the hospital that weekend with the perfect shade of grey dress!

I have had this dress for 10 years and each time I go to give it away, I cannot. So, when Mewmew insisted I sell my much-loved pieces, from my closet, I thought great! I put the perfect shade of grey dress online.

When a lovely lady asked to buy it, I was filled with regret. I advised the kind buyer that, the dress is no longer for sale. Why? because, despite this dress being far too big, and only one photo captured at this momentous occasion! It has great sentimental value to me, because it is a day of great pride in celebrating my one and only sister.

Sometimes, some things are worth keeping, like “The Perfect Shade of Grey Dress”…

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