Oroton Love

My first love are shoes, my second love is definitely bags!

I persuaded myself to purchase this Oroton Signet Tote. I self-convinced that I would use for work every day...I used it, at most five times.

On its last hurrah, I took it out for the wedding of my late paternal grandma’s namesake.

Like most summer days in Sydney, the weather was set to be 40 degrees on the wedding day! So naturally, I needed a large bag to pack my essentials.

The night before the wedding, I proudly packed these items in the tote:-

4 x 650ml water bottles

2 x iPhones

1 x Packet of bubble gum

3 x Packets of Zappos

1 x Black Havaina flip flops (when fashion pain prevails)

2 x Japanese fans (from Japan)

2 x Chinese fans (from China)

1 x Indonesian fan (from Jakarta)

1 x Box of tissues (from Aldi)

1 x Selfie stick (from Aldi)

Yes, yes, yes, I too felt quite accomplished that I had the ability to Tetris pack that many items in the tote!

The day of the wedding, the tote weighed about 20kg! plus the added 40 degrees of the day! I am not going to lie, I was going to die! The wedding was also during the horrific bush fires of 2019, so the sky was a gloomy red, a tinge of orange and a sprinkle of ash.

The intimate ceremony set under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, looking out to the Sydney Opera House, was romantically beautiful.

The bride looked beautiful along with her two beautiful maids. There were many moments when a tear desperately wanted to fall, but I had a face full of makeup and I did not want to be a hot sweaty mess. Additional to this, my hair was beginning to frizz and my dress was superglued to me with sweat. I was not risking it.

Despite weighing 20kg, my tote was a total life saver! Items hydrated a few people, chewing gum was shared, fans were utilised as mini umbrella’s, tissue box used to wipe brow sweat and the occasional tear, Selfie stick captured kodak moments.

After that event, the Oroton Signet Tote sat amongst my other bags and when Mewmew put it up, it was snatched straight away, by a fellow Oroton lover! The tote was loyal when I needed it to be, I am sure the wonderful buyer will give it lots of life, the life it deserves.

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