Mewmew The Cat

Thank you for the kind following. Not sure if people are here for the pre-loved items, my great fashion photos 😆 or merely here to see this furry faced child sell my closet items! We do thank you all for being on our humble platform 🖤

It would be fair that today’s Story Time Tuesday is dedicated to Mewmew.

Valentine’s 2008

I had been wanting some sort responsibility for some months and I decided that a fur-child would be the answer.

My husband presented me with this. The furry faced kitten that my sister would lovingly name Mewmew.

Rescued from under a house, my husband’s brother crawled under the house to rescue her. She was scared, timid and malnourished. My husband took her to the Vet and had her checked up and monitored. He even went to wonderful BigW to get a hot pink carry bag so that Mewmew could be well presented when she was gifted to me.

A few days before Valentine’s, he could not hold the surprise anymore. So, in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, he crept into the room holding a pink cat bag with this tiny little fur-face in the bag!

She has bought me so much joy and tears over the years. The countless times she has wondered out the door and under the house. The countless times I have had to doll up in trackies and hoodies just to crawl under the house to get her. The one time I offered a hefty reward for her safe return, only for her to turn up on the deck sunbaking!

For the many heart stopping ordeals, my sweet girl Mewmew has also been my biggest companion. The countless times she has snuggled up to me during the most difficult times in my adult life. Mewmew the Cat completed our family.

Mewmew is not for sale 😆

She has been my Valentine gift for the past 12 years. Her Dad was strategic and smart, because that is Mewmew’s Birthday, so I never get flowers or a sweet message. Instead I get Prawns and a message saying “Honey, it’s Mewmew’s Birthday! don’t do Mewmew’s Prawn Cake until I get home”…however, I would not have it any other way. I want her to be my Fur-ever Valentine forever.

With love

Mewmew and her Mumma xx

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