Mewmew's Mumma

Thought I would do Story Time Tuesday on the greatest model on Mewmew’s Pieces 😆

Mewmew’s Pieces came along because I felt (along with Mewmew) that our pieces deserved a nice platform to showcase its coolness, sell it and send it off in beautiful packaging to its new home.

Also…Mewmew and her Mumma are “extra” like that 😅


Fur-mum to four extra amazing fur-kids

Wife to the most extra handsome-ist person


Doing cringy Tiktok’s (have learnt so many dances on this app)

Travel (on hold indefinitely (thank you COVID))

Interior Decorating (I do fancy myself as the family interior designer)

Fun Fact

I love being in photos… just not in the “model” “styled” “staged” ones I do for the MP page … it’s so awkward for me BUT the show must go on 🤩

Enjoy your Tuesday Cool Cats 🐾

With love

Mewmew and her Mumma xx

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