Document Bag

This plain leather briefcase, also known as the “Document Bag” was purchased as a matter of urgency.

Whilst walking through Pitt Street Mall on my way to the LPO, the strap of the bag that held the Contracts broke! Papers strewn on the floor, kind strangers helped gather them.

Disheveled and gripping the papers and the broken bag to my chest, I dashed into the closest store to buy another bag, which happened to be the SABA store.

Dear I say, I never told my Mum the 'real' cost of the Document Bag.

The Document Bag was used to for papers, receipts, even the Daily Telegraph. It was slim and sturdy, and I could squeeze into small spaces on the train, especially when I was sardined in a packed 5pm carriage.

Having a slim bag was also handy especially when I had to stand in the aisle on those packed trains! (as one time, my bulky handbag knocked a gentleman’s toupée off his head!) one of my many awkward stories on a packed train.

The Document Bag was a work bag and eventually became a home bag. Used to store documents before actually filing it in my handy concertina. Sometimes, the documents were kept for so long, it became irrelevant to file!

The strap for the Document Bag was also used as an emergency DIY belt (another mishap on the train) As I proceeded to sit down, the button of my jeans popped out…I discreetly took the bag strap and tied it around my waist to prevent my pants from falling to my ankles when I hopped off the train!

From cold Winter evening train rides to sweltering Summer days waiting for a train. From having the train doors close on us, to accidentally sitting on passengers’ laps when the train suddenly stopped.

From sitting on the benchtop at the LPO to sitting on the park bench at Hyde park. The Document Bag was right there with me.

Before its demotion, the Document Bag had quite the life!

So, you could imagine my thrill, when the lovely buyer of the The Great Document Bag advised that she shall be using her new bag for documents in her upcoming business meeting!

May the Document Bag be as handy to her as it was to me...

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