Now this dress is a throwback! Year 2001, fresh out of High School, my first Christmas Party in the corporate world. Given that the FIFA world cup was quite the excitement that year, workplace decided to theme the Christmas Party “Brazil” (and seeing I had fallen in love with Ronaldo by the end of FIFA, I was very excited). I did spend several weeks looking for a brazilian dress to wear, but I could not find one! This dress was found in a Vinnie’s store! Just in time, Hurrah! All I did was add peacock feathers to my hair, and voila! I was set! I am going to brag, I won the best dressed for the event! Yey This “extra” dress has seen many events since then! It has been a witch in many Halloween parties (add a pointy hat and black long gloves) and voila! Or add ripped fishnet stockings and cobwebs and voila! You’re a dead prom girl.  It has also been to many shimmy shimmy parties (just add extra glittery shoes and hair piece and voila!) gone to 80’s themed parties and Roaring 20’s themed parties, coming to think of it, it has made an appearance in another Christmas party, which I also won best dressed! This dress is soooo versatile.   I did take it out for this photoshoot and potentially put up to sell, but decided to keep it as I am sure there will be more parties that this dress can definitely attend. Some pieces are definitely worth keeping and this $10 dress is one of those. We do hope you enjoy your week Cool Cats. With love Mewmew

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